John Burns

Platform Engineer. OSS Developer. Kotlin community organizer. Conference speaker.

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Open Source Projects


The most popular gradle plugin for ktlint. I joined this project in 2023 and have been doing ongoing maintenance for it.


JaMM is a queue-based music library and player for Linux/Mac/Windows desktop. JaMM is written in JavaFx, and distributed with its own runtime using jlink and jpackage. It can be installed from my Public Debian Repo or via installer downloads on the GitHub page.

My Personal Site

This website is written in pure kotlin using the HTML and CSS DSL. Libraries from this project are published to my Public Maven Repo


Tourney is a desktop application which allows you to run an Elo gaming league.


lib-elo is kotlin library which implements an Elo game rating system.

Writing / Speaking

Platform Engineering

JVM Community

Kotlin for Java Developers

Functional Kotlin

Kotlin in 20XX

Developing Gradle Plugins

Why Does Agile Fail?

Static Web with Kotlin DSLs

Software Development Practices

Social Media / Fediverse

Other Interests


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2021 Criterion Challenge Recap

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