Billy's Inn
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Tequila bar and brunch spot. Get the Sugar-cured bacon at brunch.

Tennyson Street


A nice walkable street with lots of shops and restaurants.

De Steeg Brewery
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A brewery with a great Tripel. No food, but you can bring your own. There is also a popcorn machine. Enter from the alley behind Tennyson Street.

Central City

Central City is an old historic mining town that is now completely made up of casinos and a couple dispensaries. But, a few minutes outside of town, you can find an old ghost town called "Nevadaville". This is a true ghost town, and worth a visit up the steep gravel road you must take to get there. Note that this is not a touristy place, and the properties are privately owned.


A ski town off of I-70 in the Rockies. There is a nice lake suitable for boating in the summer.

The Lost Cajun

Great Cajun restaurant. It is now a chain, but this is the original. Try the Cat-touffeé!